Hollywood Gelato

I've been craving for Gelato ever since I came back from Italy last year.  For the past year, I have not discovered a good gelato place in Toronto, however I've heard ONLY good reviews about "Hollywood Gelato" so it has always been on my 'must-go-to-try' list.  From my trip from downtown back to uptown, I somehow stopped by "Hollywood Gelato" during noon time (partly due to my dessert hunt obsession).  I must admit that my expectations were set pretty high due to all these extremely positive reviews and talks about Hollywood Gelato.  Once again, I am disappointed, I guess it's hard to compare to gelato from Italy.  There weren't as many flavours as I thought it would be.  I got a small sugar cone with Roasted Almond and Tiramisu.  I like the Tiramius but more almonds would be better in the Roasted Almond.  I was also surprised that Hollywood Gelato does not only offer gelato, they have coffee, tea and baked goods too.  Overall, 'to.live.my.life' gives Hollywood Gelato an 8/10 because of my bias towards desserts and ice-cream.  Gelato does taste yummy after all!!!

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