The Cupcake Shoppe

As my dessert hunting continues, I somehow ended up at "The Cupcake Shoppe" this afternoon.  Last week, I actually went to "Prairie Girl Bakery" after work. I got there 15 minutes before they close but there was a sign saying "All sold out for the day, so I left with disappointment.  I told my friend about this, and he told me about "The Cupcake Shoppe".  I recognized the store right away when I got there because I was actually there few months ago but didn't end up buying anything.  I got attracted to the store last time because all the cupcakes in the store were very colourful and pretty.  The smell of baked cupcakes is very strong once I stepped into the store.  I got 6 cupcakes.

From top left to bottom right,
Opposites Attract - chocolate frosting on chocolate cake
James Brown - chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream
Sticky n' sweet - vanilla cake dipped with caramel
Cookie D'ough - chocolate chip vanilla cake with cookie dough buttercream
Curious George - chocolate cake with banana buttercreram
After Ate - chocolate cake with mint buttercream

Once I got into my car, I ate James Brown.  It wasn't all that special, the cake was soft and fresh, and the buttercream wasn't TOO sweet.  'To.live.my.life' gives "The Cupcake Shoppe" a 6.5/10 because these cupcakes are not cheap ($14.50 for 1/2 a dozen), yet they probably don't deserve that high price. 

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