Wanda's Belgian Waffles

Another dessert hunting lunch with Mr. Szeto.  There aren't too many options around where we work, so we chose Wanda's Belgian Waffles today.  The cafe is small and it is a bit of a 'food-court' style, since we ordered and paid up front first.  Both of us got a Wanda Original Vanilla Waffle topped with Ice Cream.  One of us chose chocolate sauce and the other chose maple sauce with our Belgian waffle.

The price is around $5 which is considered cheap for dessert waffles. However, it is worth what it's charge due to its quality and quantity. The only word to use to describe the waffle is "DIFFERENT". It's different from other Belgian waffle, there's this weird softness in the batter. I personally think it is not bad, but I know high quality waffles are not suppose to be like this.  A rating of 6/10 will be given to Wanda's Belgian Waffles due to my bias ratings for desserts (again :P) and the absence of high quality in the waffle.

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