Unionville Co. Restaurant

A night out with the girls at Main Street Unionville.  Main Street was extremely busy that night due to the Jazz Festival, we managed to get a table on the rooftop patio at Unionville Co. Restaurant for dinner that night.  The restaurant is more petite than we thought, however the environment at second level patio is great since it is quiet and peaceful (unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures from the patio).

We ordered some healthy non-alcoholic drinks at to start with.

We decided to share since there were too many things on the menu we wanted.
Here is the menu of or night:
1) Sweet Potato Fries served with chipotle mayo
2) St.Louis BBQ Ribs served with house brewed bbq sauce, and fries
3) Roast Duck Pizza  served in thin crust with mushrooms, arugula, and goat cheese

The food were great, nothing too outstanding or disappointed.  However, credits must be given to the pizza because I personally dislike anything to do with goat/lamb.  I still love the pizza so it was amazing.  'To.live'my.life' rates a 7.5/10 to Unionville Co. Restaurant

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