North 44 (Summerlicious)

Finally have time to sit down to write this long overdue blog about my first Summerlicious meal from a month ago at North 44.  Out of the many restaurants on the Summerlicious list, my friends selected this fancier and more popular restuarat located in midtown Toronto, North 44.  High standards from the food and the environment were somewhat expected. 

The restaurant was well designed and romantic.  I sat for more than half an hour waiting for 2 others to come, so Miss.A Wong and I had a lot of their bread which was pretty good and soft.

For appetizer, I ordered Steak Tartare with fried capers, grainy mustard and fresh country toast.  The portion was small but I never had Steak Tartare before, so it felt funny and new but I enjoyed it.

One of my friend got a vegetarian appetizer, Minted Sweet Pea Ravioli with crushed pecans, brown butter and sage. I tried a little bit and the taste of mint felt very freshing.

For main, I ordered the Roasted Chicken supreme with spinach risotto, heriloom carrots and nautral jus.  Surprisingly, this dish was actually very filling because of the risotto, and the piece of chicken was considerably huge.  However, I have to admit that the chicken is a little dry.  I want to make risotto now after trying this dish out!

My friend ordered a 6oz Steak with Ontario asparagus and roasted potatoes.  I think this was the best main course dish out of the three from the Summerlicious menu.  The steak was very tender and the portion was just right.

One of my other friend ordered the Pan Seared Halibut with tempura onion rings, bok choy and miso sauce. 

The best part  of the dinner is again desset.  I ordered the Banana Strudel with Chocolate Ice Cream & Sponge Toffee.  I only give complements to desserts, but truthfully, the sponge toffee was very delicious. 

My friend ordered the Summer Peach Upside down Cake with sour cream ice cream.  This one was actually the dessert that the waiter recommeneded and said it is currently the most popular one in the resturant.  However, my friend thought it wasn't too special because the cake was just a slice of very ordinary sponge cake.

'To.live.my.life' rates North 44 with a 8/10 based on the fancy decor and high quality of food.  However, the portions were small probably due to the fact it was for Summerlicious.  I will love to go back to try out their other dishes, but the prices are pretty high for a normal casual person like me :p

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