Eggspectation Resto-Cafe-Bar

My crave on eggs at Eggspectation is finally over.  Love the name of this 'All-day-breakfast' cafe, but it also gave us too much hope.  My friend and I decided to try out Eggspectation two weeks ago, but we expected a little too high since then.

There are many choices on the menu but most are served with the same ingredients (as one can guessed ...with eggs, potatoes, ham, sausages etc...since it is a 'breakfast' cafe).  I ordered Eggwhat?, which is served with corned beef hash, two eggs, grilled potatoes, toasts and fruits.  The eggs (scrambled eggs) was not special at all.  However, I never had corned beef hash before so it was something different and was worth a try.

My friend got the “Cabane à Sucre”.  It was served with 2 scrambled eggs, two crêpes bretonnes, ham, baked beans, grilled potatoes, maple syrup, toasts and fruits.  He was also disappointedd on the eggs and mentioned that the crepes were too dry and plain.

Overall, Eggspectation did not meet 'to.live.my.life''s expectations.  However, there was nothing wrong with the whole meal.  It just wasn't anything exceptional or outstanding, hence a 6/10 will be granted.

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