Spacco Restaurant and Bar

It's hot!  It's sunny! It's PATIO time!  Love dining at patios this year.  A random Wednesday night after work, Mr. Yu and I went to a midtown patio 'Spacco Restaurant and Bar' for dinner.  I requested for a patio that's not on located right on a main street and Spacco is a perfect one.  It is facing Yonge but the patio is further in.  Probably due to the nice hot weather, it was surprising that the patio was nearly filled and there were more and more people coming later in the night too.

We ordered Grilled Calamari made with roasted cherry tomatoes, black olives, lemon, garlic, and spicy extra virgin olive oil for appetizer.  It was delicious and smells mouth-watering for an appetizer.

As our love for spicy and hot food continues, I chose Spicy Fettucine served with ground Italian sausage, wild mushrooms, fresh peas, and extra virgin olive oil.  I love this pasta because I've never had spicy pasta before.  It is so addicting, and doesn't feel too filling or heavy at all, you just want to keep eating!

...And as Mr. Yu's love in cheese continues, he had the honour to chose our pizza of the night, and he chose Quattro formaggio with asiago, provolone, and gorgonzola cheese.  I couldn't say it was the best pizza or anything, but I like the thin curst and the taste of chessey-ness due to the four cheese 'toppings'.

Spacco Restaurant and Bar has a relaxing and chilling patio, and nice food.  What more can you ask for on a Wedsnesday after work night in a midtown patio?  'To.live.my.life' rates this dining patio experience with a 8/10.

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