Kenzo Japanese Noodle House

Kenzo Japanese Noodle House is one of the well known ramen place in Toronto.  I've heard a lot about it through food blogs and through friends, and I finally had my first ramen there a few weekends ago.  I went to the Kenzo on Yonge and Steeles.

There were quite a few choices on the menu but I opted for the Hot Ramen.  The Karashi Ramen was served with a 'Special Ramen in Karashi Sauce and Japanese hot sauce'.  There was a hot level from 1 to 3 to choose from, and I chose level 2.  My tolerance for hot food is pretty high but the ramen was considerably hot for me.  My mouth was flaming and I had to drink ice water throughout my lunch.  I am not a huge fan of ramen but I believe the most important things about a delicious ramen are the noodles and soup-base.

The ramen at Kenzo was decent.  I did not had a jump, nor disappointment from it.  The portion was more than enough for me too.  I will return to Kenzo if I suddenly crave for ramens in the future, since it is probably the closest by my house.

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  1. hi you seemed to have tried alot of restaurants so i am hoping you could give me some suggestions.
    among all the restaurants you have tried (including the ones for summerlicious) which one is your favorite? which one would you recommend for a couple in toronto to goto for birthday celebration which is not too noisy with a nice atmosphere? my budget is 35 for each person. :) thanks.

  2. Hello fellow urbanspoon blogger. I agree, Kenzo wasn't that great. I even more Aji-san more than kenzo. But you should really try the new ramen place in downtown. I wrote about it here: http://missjesc.blogspot.ca/2012/05/kinton-ramen-baldwin.html


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