For our monthly special 'cultural' dinner, we chose Ethiopian food this month.  I looked through some blog reviews and comments, and decided to try Dukem on Danforth.  The restaurant was small with only 7 tables and we really weren't sure if it was an authentic restaurant. 

We didn't know what to order, so the safest way to go was to opt for a combination dish to try a wider variety.  We chose the Tibs Combinations with Vegetables served with beef.  The quantity of the dish didn't look filling to us at first, but we were very fulled with some of the wraps leftover at the end.  It was a nice and different experience because no utensils were used at all throughout the meal. In our opinion, the meat and the vegetables were overall not too special even though it was cooked in an Ethiopian way. 

We ended with a Traditional Ethopian Coffee Ceremony as well since it is one of the special ceremonies in an Ehtopian restaurant.  For $10, we were provided popcorn and apporximately 6 small cups of coffee.  Both of us drink coffee on a reguarly basis, but are not experts of coffees.  We were not able to taste the difference of it.

Overall, it will be a long while until I will have another Ethopian meal because once is enough for the experience.  However, the food was great at Dukem, a rating of 6/10 will be provided due to my personal opinions in Ethiopian food.
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