Cafe Mania

Another dessert lunch with Mr. Szeto.  Bought this Groupon for $7 on $25 of food and drinks at Cafe Mania, and I knew it would be great for our dessert lunch.  The environment at Cafe Mania was very comfortable.  They serve breakfast, savory and sweet crepes & waffles, along with coffee and different drinks.

Of course, we both ordered sweets.  I chose the Mania's Darling with fresh apple slices, walnuts, chocolate ice cream, caramel fudge and cinnamon.  The waffle was quite heavy.  It would have been better if the apple slices were in thicker slices for better textures.  Overall, it was very satisfying. 

Mr. Szeto ordered the Exotic Mania served with hazelnut nutella,fresh strawberries, fresh banana, shredded coconut, chocolate ice-cream and sugar icing in a crepe. 

We ended up spending up to our $25 and when we went up for our bill, we saw that most tables there have purchased the Groupon as well.  Overall, Cafe Mania was definitely worth a try and to.live.my.life rates it with a 7.5/10. 

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